DC Real Estate in Full Swing!

   Now that we are firmly into August, hopefully we will see a cool down and more happy buyers prowling the DC streets for good deals. After I nice jaunt over to the H Street Corridor, past the super Sunday Farmer’s Market on Massachusetts Avenue just before the New York Avenue turn off, i could see some nifty homes on the market within blocks of H Street for under $400k. The trolley cars have been bought and now we just need the electric to go in and the H Street Corridor wil be in full swing – just a bit longer. Scena Theatre at the H Street Playhouse and Sticky Rice as well as the fabulous Pie Company are just a few of the superb places to visit and eat on H.

    Meanwhile join Trulia for blog info and Q&A’s about real estate anywhere in the country. Recently on the Trulia DC page a blog posted entitled:

With Dow Down & Rent Set to Rise, Smart Investors go after Real Estate
Written by Sheena Saydam in Home Buying

    And a homeowner asked:

How much could I rent my renovated 600 sq/ft studio for in SW waterfront area? Utilities are included.
Asked by ALH – Home Buyer in Washington – For rent

    There are new blogs and questions with answers to 100’s of topics posted daily for DC alone – take a look! Meanwhile if you are interested in bank owned traffic in town – let us know – we work directly with several of the asset managers in the US.


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Summer in the City….

Happy July 4th to all you buyers out there – I know what you are thinking – what is wrong with my AC – it works – this is just a good example of how humid our city can get. It could be worse – Phoenix, AZ is at 110* and although it is dry heat – it is still oppressive and will make DC feel downright cool.

Nonetheless if you want to purchase in Phoenix or the White Mountains of Arizona – ski country – let us know, we can help you there too.

But need a home here or want to list your home – Dreamscape is ready for you – the key is to find the neighborhood you like with the price range you can afford. Those two keys are the answer to finding the home that will suit your budget, neighborhood needs and any other preferences you might have.

How is the inventory in DC? It is ok – there are a lot of rentals, a lot of condos but not as many homes available as one might think. We can send you a list of homes in your price range that fit your needs and narrow that down to a handful to take a look at. Give us a call or an email.


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94* Mercury Climbs

    Well even when we were kids it was this hot from time to time – the humidity does not help. BUT BUT to be able to enjoy a fantastic city like Washington, DC – walk the canal in GTown – check out the great theatres – visit the IMax – the museums and so much more – the heat may be unbeatable but you can’t beat what this city has to offer.

Think Cool
Cooler Weather Will Come!

Need a rental under $2000? The exist – give us a call to show you around. If you need help in Arizona – we are licensed there too and able to help you.

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Georgetown and Glover Park 20007

Summer is sticky and settling in – sounds like Glover Park Days will be delayed until the fall which will certainly be more comfortable. The ice cream shop is open and so is Chipotles! Baseball is in full swing – don’t miss a rousing game – bring dinner to the park, hoot and holler and stroll back home via the Surfside maybe!

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    Don’t miss the Pre-Columbian exhibit at the museum this summer – worth every glitter of gold and flash of tinted pastes. The garden is lovely now as well and it is not too too hot yet – so get in there for your annual update on the growth of oldest vine in town or the stately beech.

The Secret Gate

Find Dreamscape's favorite Dumbarton Secret


Georgetown Cool

the weather, very cool in the evenings, this in between period before the summer post the wintery weather and in the middle of spring, fireflies will be here in July, right?

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Homes in Georgetown

Homes in Georgetown
Georgetown Visitation
Georgetown Visitation – A Great History

        This is the oldest Catholic girls school in the US. That’s right! With about 350 students strong – all well behaved young ladies – the fabulous nuns of the Order of the Visitation continue to teach value and worth to our young’ins. Super school – Mom went there and so did I.

         No it is not for sale, but a while back they did sell a corner of their property which is now the Cloisters. Beautiful, semi-gated, secure townhome living at 35th and Reservoir – a must see – give me a call to see the great listings in there that fit your needs. Parking, charm, elbow room and easy walking streets within this very special sudivision named after my wonderful nuns at Visi. Some of the order is cloistered and don’t come out from the convent, while the others do get out not only to teach but gad about Georgetown!
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