Glover Park Homes and Condos

24 Jan

This is one of the best kept secrets in the DC area. Quiet, convenient, safe enough, super shopping with Whole Foods, Ace, Chipotles and a CVS. Minutes from GUHospital and Sibley Memorial.

We have quaint condos, big building condos with parking, medium building condos with views!!! and of course a handful of houses with and without parking – most of the homes in this vicinity are in the 1000-2000sqftrange depending on your budget. The condos are all under 1000sqft and not necessarily new.


Holy Rood Cemetery is at the ‘gateway’ to the Glover Park area which is just above Burleith and Georgetown. It is basically all Georgetown, but will be distinguished by most to these area names.  This is an ancient cemetery with approximately 1000 free and owned slave buried here. It is open to take a walk through history from one of the highest points in DC. Enjoy the views.


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