Homes in Georgetown

28 Apr
Homes in Georgetown
Georgetown Visitation
Georgetown Visitation – A Great History

        This is the oldest Catholic girls school in the US. That’s right! With about 350 students strong – all well behaved young ladies – the fabulous nuns of the Order of the Visitation continue to teach value and worth to our young’ins. Super school – Mom went there and so did I.

         No it is not for sale, but a while back they did sell a corner of their property which is now the Cloisters. Beautiful, semi-gated, secure townhome living at 35th and Reservoir – a must see – give me a call to see the great listings in there that fit your needs. Parking, charm, elbow room and easy walking streets within this very special sudivision named after my wonderful nuns at Visi. Some of the order is cloistered and don’t come out from the convent, while the others do get out not only to teach but gad about Georgetown!
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