Millsboro and Georgetown

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Evers and Co – Great Real Estate Agents

Bonnie and David – what a great pair of Realtors! So great to see a brisk real estate market and committed agents help make a seller’s life easier. Thanks!

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Amazing Art!

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Glover Park Homes and Condos

This is one of the best kept secrets in the DC area. Quiet, convenient, safe enough, super shopping with Whole Foods, Ace, Chipotles and a CVS. Minutes from GUHospital and Sibley Memorial.

We have quaint condos, big building condos with parking, medium building condos with views!!! and of course a handful of houses with and without parking – most of the homes in this vicinity are in the 1000-2000sqftrange depending on your budget. The condos are all under 1000sqft and not necessarily new.


Holy Rood Cemetery is at the ‘gateway’ to the Glover Park area which is just above Burleith and Georgetown. It is basically all Georgetown, but will be distinguished by most to these area names.  This is an ancient cemetery with approximately 1000 free and owned slave buried here. It is open to take a walk through history from one of the highest points in DC. Enjoy the views.


A Mere Dusting

As we have learned from the recent past, this was not a snow storm.

This was a mere dusting.

Washingtonians are still driving about, walking on sidewalks and treating today like any other.


Sutton Place Towers

Great condo for sale!

Beautiful views to the east from the top floor – 11th floor.

Email or call if you are ready to start looking for that condo or home in the District of Columbia.

New Mexico Avenue Sutton Place
New Mexico Avenue Sutton Place

Georgetown University Hospital and Glover Park/Georgetown Area

This area is blessed with the fabulous teaching hospital – a part of the university – right smack in the middle of this tiny corner of the District of Columbia. Walking distance from any home in this area, this superb hospital is known for its transplant institute and cancer center. It use to have a School of Dentistry! No more.

Sure it is a big place, very busy, confusing to navigate but this is a top notch facility with doctors dedicated to being the best. My Mother and my partner have been there for medical care extensively. Dr. John Marshall took super care of my Mom until she passed away of colorectal cancer. My best buddy is there now waiting for a liver. Dr. Fishbein has performed amazing surgeries on Tim already and thanks to Dr. Satoskar, Tim is staying healthy and learning as much as he can about the procedure to come.


Glover Park Day at Guy Mason Recreation Center

    September 10th is the day! Calvert and Wisconsin Avenues, the SE corner, between 11:00am-5:00pm at the Guy Mason Recreation Center which is a part of the DC Dept of Parks and Recreation – super location for craft, yoga, exercise classes or just to bring the little one to the sprawling playground. There will be charity games, 5 live bands, a flea market, a real fire truck and of course FOOD! Most of it is outside, so  don’t worry about the aftershocks 😦 🙂  .